Maponyane is especially proud of his kitchen. Picture:

TV personality Maps Maponyane has an eye for style, and it's evident in his newly-renovated Joburg apartment. 

Designed by STUDIO 19, Maponyane recently invited Condé Nast House & Garden for an exclusive look inside his new digs.

Significantly, Maponyane is the first local celebrity featured on the cover of Condé Nast House & Garden (and the second one in the brand’s history, after Lenny Kravitz’s July issue cover). 

Maponyane is especially proud of his kitchen. "I'm all about details and textures so what I wanted to try and create was, firstly, something a whole lot more open," says the style icon.

He then goes on to explain the extensive renovation work that went into that area of the apartment. The result is an open-plan area with a grey, black and white colour palette. 

The three primary colours seem to be a main factor in his overall decor style, while the living area takes on a more organic look and feel, thanks to the warmth of the exposed brick wall.