The electrically heated cabins, which are built in Estonia and cost up to £40 000 each. Picture:

London - Perhaps he needs somewhere to cool his fiery temper - Gordon  Ramsay is splashing out £80 000 (about R1.5-million) on two "igloos" for his £7-million home.

Many wealthy Londoners are making extra space in their multi-million-pound properties by creating so-called iceberg homes - burrowing underground to create one or more floors.

But Ramsay, 52, and his wife Tana, 44, have applied to have the luxury pods in their back garden in Wandsworth, south London, to create accommodation for family and friends.

The electrically heated cabins, which are built in Estonia and cost up to £40 000 each, have a double bed, a kitchen, a living room and a shower room. Clad in spruce shingles - and looking like something a hobbit might live in - they are the latest trend among A-listers, with both David Beckham and Guy Ritchie having had similar huts from the same manufacturer built at their country homes.

Former England football captain Beckham, 44, spent £14 000 on an Iglucraft triple sauna at his home in the Cotswolds last year, posting on social media at the time: "I'm loving it with this cold weather right now."

Ramsay's single-storey Iglucraft Model 4 cabins are more than 28ft long, according to a planning application filed with Wandsworth council on behalf of "G + T Ramsay".

The plans show the luxurious cabins will face each other at the bottom of the garden of the former F-Word presenter's eight-bedroom home. The TV chef - whose wife gave birth to their fifth child, Oscar, in April - is waiting to hear whether they have been approved.

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