A survey found one in four couple were left sleepless and angry by a cover-stealing partner. Picture: Supplied

London - It's the cause of many a row between couples. Now a bedding company claims to have a solution to the age-old battle over who hogs the duvet.

The "infinite" duvet loops under a special bed equipped with a series of rollers which ensure the duvet can never be pulled off no matter how hard it is tugged.

A survey found one in four couple were left sleepless and angry by a cover-stealing partner, while one in six have even ended relationships over it. Steve Reid, chief executive of Simba beds, said: "Duvet stealing is a sore subject among British couples, a catalyst for hundreds of arguments.

"We thought it could be fun to explore how we me might put some of these tensions to bed."

Motorised rotary irons within the bed base automatically revolve the duvet, pressing and steam-cleaning it simultaneously.

Reid added: "When you sleep better, you are more likely to make better decisions, take less risks and start the day in a more positive and peaceful frame of mind.

"So, for those who can't wait for a futuristic sleep solution like the Duvet Diplomat, Simba's temperature-regulating Hybrid Duvet with space-inspired Stratos technology has everything you need to prevent sleepless nights this Christmas."

The duvet is currently in the design stage to test feedback from consumers.

Simba's study of 2,000 adults found duvet-stealing, coming home to an unmade bed and snoring are among the things that send tempers soaring between British couples.

Four in five adults cited that one of life's most simple pleasures is getting into fresh bedding, yet one in five never wash their duvet.

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