Designer Haroun Hansrot, interior decorator Shameema Paruk and Andreas Svourakis at Illy Cafe at Decorex Durban.

Durban designer and media personality Haroun Hansrot chatted to leading KwaZulu-Natal decorators Grant Webster, Karen Robert and Shameema Paruk at Decorex Durban, courtesy of Illy. Here are the nuggets he shared from the chat:

Know the trends so you don't fall for them.
If something is in fashion, it will be out of fashion as quickly as it was in. Aim for longevity and achieve it by putting your personality into your interiors. 

You don't have to steer away from colour but be cautious with it in the home as this is your sanctuary and more often than not you want to feel peace when you are home.

Make the functional beautiful. Take aspects of the home that must exist in this space and make them aesthetically pleasing. Your television is a great example, you could recess the TV into a feature wall, using wallpaper or laser cut perspex to make the wall pop.

It's time for Africa. African fabric, traditional prints as well as images of nature stereotypically associated with the continent, are having a global moment. Own it because you know it best.

Layer. Layer textures. Layer prints. Decadence is in and so is glam, you can achieve this 'extra' look by lavishing fabric upon fabric and seriously dressing your home up this Autumn.