Use the right tool for the right job.

London - Half of Britons admit they fail to complete home improvement jobs.

Bleeding radiators, fitting loft insulation and installing a new boiler are the main jobs we leave unfinished.

Energy company E.ON asked more than 2,000 adults about the work they carry out at home.

Some 44 percent said they fail to complete DIY jobs.

This is because 25 percent said they are no good at it, 24 percent do not have enough spare time and 16 percent just get bored and give up.


Women are more likely than men to complete a project, with 78 percent of women seeing tasks through to the end, compared to only 76 percent of men.

Finance worker Matthew Allen from Southampton, Hampshire, admits making home improvements is 'incredibly boring'.

The 38-year-old said: 'I wanted to add loft insulation to my house because it was getting cold in the winter - but I gave up half way through.

'It was just incredibly dull, boring and unpleasant. I’d intended to lay it and board bits out but I got fed up and left the job half done.' - Daily Mail