Durban 27062012 Decor in PMB.Picture:Marilyn Bernard

London - The best thing about stripes is their versatility. Just alter the colour palette or dimensions of the stripes and, hey presto, you have a whole new look — which explains why stripes are such a constantly popular look for interiors.

Take the new collaboration between clothing label Joules and bed linen specialists Bedeck.

“The deckchair stripe on the duvet set was inspired by the bright stripes used in the Joules clothing line,” says Tania Johnston, Bedeck’s marketing manager. “The cheerful palette of seafaring navy, sherbet pink and sunflower yellow adds a fresh feel to the design.”

Stripes can be classic and contemporary, depending on how they are used: monochromatic stripes add an understated touch while bright horizontal stripes can create a modern, edgy feel.

“Stripes continue to be one of the popular choices for high-end upholstery and soft furnishings,” says Multiyork design director Ian Bisatt.

“Many have been inspired by the work of designers such as Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren.”- Daily Mail