Throw a party Tyrion and Bronn would die to attend
Throw a party Tyrion and Bronn would die to attend

How to host a #GameofThrones viewing party

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Apr 16, 2019

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The wait for the eighth and final  season of Game of Thrones is  over. 

The hit show returned to TV screens  on Monday, April 15 at 3am. You can  wait for the 10pm airing if you don’t  want to wake up early.

It’s been a long two years since  the final episode of the seventh  season, which saw Jon Snow finally  being revealed as Aegon Targaryen,  the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and heir to the Iron Throne.  All this while he was having sex  with Daenerys Targeryn, his aunt.

HBO kept the much awaited  season under wraps, leaving fans to  speculate who will finally rule the Iron  Throne.

There is no better way to enjoy the  show than a viewing party and judging  by the excitement from fans, many of  them are planning their own viewing
parties to celebrate the final season of  the cult show.

So we got tips from experts on  decor, food and activities that even  Tyrion Lannister would be proud of.


Kendal Smith of Kirsty  Badenhorst Interiors provides tips on  how to create a space fit for royals from  Westeros


Smith said hosts  can easily create a banner of their  favourite House in Westeros. She said  the internet offered many templates  to choose from. Once you select your  banner of choice, print the design, cut  them out and stick them on a long  piece of string. These banners will  make excellent decorations around
the home. “Your guests will feel apart  of the Game of Thrones universe in no  time,” she said.


Smith said every party  required a banquet table worthy of  royalty. Hosts will need a tablecloth to  drape over their dining table. Smith  warns against a red one. She said it  might be insensitive after the Red  Wedding scene in the third season.

To decorate the table, use gold paper  plates (no one has time to do the  dishes after a party), and each table  setting should have a name card. The  name card should pay homage to the   different families. For example, your  friend Robert could be written on a  House of Baratheon card.


Dragon eggs make good  decor and an even better snack. Smith  said hosts should boil eggs, crack the  shells and pop them into a ziplock bag  with some food colouring.  “Massage and remove the eggs from  the bag, give it a rinse and peel away  the shells. You will be left with some  authentic looking dragon eggs,” she  said.


Candles can turn any  party from drab to fab in no time.  “With all the load shedding causing  an uproar in our country, guests will  have a small taste of what it would be  like without electricity. Remember to  keep a close eye on all those candles.  Battery operated candles also do the  trick.


What’s better than a game of 30  Seconds? A GoT-inspired one, of  course. Create questions surrounding  the hit show to test your guests.
Note: the game should be played in  accordance with the 30 Seconds rules.


Split  guests into two teams. Each team gets  to ask the other a question if the team  doesn’t know the answer or gets it  wrong a member of the losing team  will have to down a shot or chug a pint  of beer.

Where to watch "Game of Thrones" 

Watch it live on Monday from 3am on M-Net (repeat at 10pm), or straight after with the  DStv Now app

You can also binge-watch all previous seasons of "Game of Thrones" on Showmax. Sign up for a 14-day free trial at

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