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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Make your home a haven with these winter colours

There are so many ways to open your home to the escapism of Plascon’s nature-inspired colourways. Picture: Pinterest.

There are so many ways to open your home to the escapism of Plascon’s nature-inspired colourways. Picture: Pinterest.

Published May 26, 2020


Winter is settling in. The days are getting shorter and colder and the idea of being indoors, surrounded by our favourite comforts, is starting to sound rather delightful. 

Naturally, the winter months not only bring about a change of season, but a whole new mood and unique aesthetic. And, with the easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ll have the opportunity to reinvent our interiors and remind ourselves of the importance of putting together spaces that bring your joy. 

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Helping us transition into this season, Plascon’s Colour Advice team has come up with a collection of colours to fit the times. The palette is deep, warm and rich and is inspired by a sense of soothing and healing, according to Nozipho Kunene who steers their Colour Team. 

Dubbed ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ – the hues are an ode to the natural elements of air, water and fire (which produce smoke). Accordingly, contrasts of light and dark drive the Smoke & Mirrors colour palette forward, so you have the option of making a strong statement with bold pops of colour that’s balanced with lighter counterpoints. 

Celebrating the beauty of nature and hibernation with blues that are soothing, reds that are earthy and golden yellows that are heavily rich with feel-good benefits, whether it's a wash of fresh paint or a cushiony new armchair, there are so many ways to open your home to the escapism of Plascon’s nature-inspired colourways. 

Family Jewels

Picture: Supplied.

This is a deep purple beetroot tone that is full of character. It will make the room feel richer 

without darkening it.

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If you’re looking to make a statement, without doing too much, a fresh lick of paint for your front door might be the facelift your house needs.

Front doors give people a first impression, Without having to open up, they give glimpses of the personality behind it. Elevating houses by making bold statements and bringing individuality to homes, the statement door trend. 

Hot Terracotta

Picture: Pinterest

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The warm, red wine colour of Hot Terracotta is not only sensual, it also makes a bold statement. So, why not bring it into the bedroom?

Adding its spicy warmth to the mix, Hot Terracotta partners perfectly with cool tones such as dark blue, or black. By welcoming earthy, rusty tones into your bedroom, it sets the ideal foundation for layering different textures, materials and colours. 

A new duvet cover is a good way to incorporate this shade alongside other unexpected colours because it can be changed without too much fuss. Think scatter cushions with tassels, a luxurious throw boasting a chunky knit in this deep orange shade and neutral toned rug all contrasting with the backdrop of a cool-toned statement wall.

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Scuba Duba

Picture: Pinterest.

Emulating green forest hues, Scuba Duba is a lively pine green that adds a facet of saturated brightness to the colour palette. Shades of white work as balancing neutrals, while metallics diffuse light and embellish designs. 

To bring this colour into your home, we suggest a velvet couch as the material is plush enough to let the boldness of this green hue shine through without competing with its luxuriousness. 

And, it emulates the ‘Glam Deco’ trend that took off last year, that opts to leave behind the bare and the basic by embracing a sensibility of excess and textural overload. Other materials that can be layered with this intimidating fabric are soft satins and warm tweed. 

To get a fully eclectic feel, try marrying these soft fabrics and rich greens with brass, black metal, green marble and light blonde oak. 


Picture: Pinterest.

This particular colour is inspired by that natural place that exists somewhere between lush wetlands and dense woods. Serving to bring the beauty of nature into your home, we think Nautilous could stand to be the dominant colour in any main room of the house.

Painting rooms in one solid colour is one of 2020s biggest decor trends. We love how the effect of having plaster mouldings, fireplaces, built-in shelves and cupboards all awash the same colour creates a feeling of unity whilst allowing other decor items of a different hue to stand out. 

“When you’re contending with lots of millwork, coating the walls, ceiling and trim all in the same shade makes the room feel chic and enveloping,” said Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum of Massucco Warner to Elle Decor. 

All in all, Nautilous creates a stunning canvas for all your other home decor to shine through with its ability to balance out decor from a broad and diverse range of sources that would normally clash.

Golden Syrup

Picture: Pinterest.

With a name reminiscent of pancake breakfasts served in stacks with lashings of butter and syrup, this warm yellow is exactly what it describes  - a golden tone that will excite all the rest of these hearty colours. 

From kitchen cabinets and vases, to scatter cushions, rugs and perhaps even the frames of mirrors and photographs, this sunshine yellow works best to add a pop of brightness to homes. 

When you take any one of the aforementioned neutrals and combine it with a lively, eye-popping yellow, you create a colour scheme that is visually stunning and adds interest to dull spaces. If you’re looking to bring warmth into your homes this winter, Golden Syrup subtly dappled all about your interior is a wonderful way to achieve this. 

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