The Cape Argus #EveryDropCounts campaign has seen communities doing their part for the cause. Picture: ANA Pics

Marchelle Abrahams went in search of water warriors in her neighbourhood doing their part to defeat #DayZero.

The Western Cape’s water crisis has given rise to a flurry of somewhat inventive ways of saving water and an onslaught of funny memes.

But it’s also highlighted the fact that South Africa is a water-scarce country and that the conservation thereof starts with us.

The Mother City is in the grips of one of the province’s worst droughts, forcing Capetonians to rally together and do their part to defeat #DayZero. Ordinary citizens are using whatever is at their disposal to push back D Day, so to speak.

In January this year, Qanita and Labieq Daniels posted a video on social media showing how a simple garden pump sprayer can be used to shower with - and it only uses 2L of water. The video instantly went viral and prompted the Daily Voice to pay them a visit.

“We are basically living like it is Day Zero. It is coming and we must prepare,” Quanita told the Voice.

It’s stories like these that show perseverance in times of desperation.

As we observe World Water Day (March 22) this year, it got me wondering how others are playing their part to conserve water, so I started doing the rounds in my own neighbourhood.

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Doreen and Lindsay Louw share a home with their 2 daughters, mother and brother - that’s 6 people who have to keep below 50L per person per day during the current Level 6B restrictions.

Video produced by Marchelle Abrahams

Edited by Matthew van Schalkwyk