Always carry an umbrella when it's raining. Picture: Instagram.
Summer doesn’t mean sitting under the shade and wearing shorts, it at also means rainy days. A lot of people tend to confuse rain with coldness and start overdressing. 

You don’t have to wear fur coats and bring back all your winter wardrobe because it’s raining. What you have to do is wear clothes that are more water resistance or even with light material. Here’s what you should be wearing on a summer rainy day:

Although it might not be too cold, rain often comes with cool winds and you still need to keep warm.

If you want to protect your hair, you can wear a beanie or a doek. Covering your hair to avoid it from getting wet. 

Wearing a raincoat saves you from a lot of trouble, not only does it keep your clothes dry but you don’t even have to carry an umbrella if you're wearing a raincoat, unless it doesn't have a cap and you need to protect your hair. You can even protect your handbag with a raincoat, it's essential. 

Stay away from sandals or pumps when it’s raining. If you don’t have river boots wear well balanced shoes that are a bit high heeled. 

Even if you have a car, you still need an umbrella for when you’re stepping out of it. We’re trying to be dry as possible remember...

* Avoid wearing heavy clothes when it’s raining. The last thing you want is looking like a lost man when the sun comes out.