Cyla holding the Jockey limited edition. Picture: Nhlanhla Philips.
Jockey has launched their new underwear collection at Eastgate Mall, Johannesburg. This range is designed by the last seven contestants of The Intern by David Tlale. On episode 4 of The Intern by David Tlale, the interns were given a task to design underwear as part of the challenge, which is now available at Jockey. 

The store was open to everyone to come in and check the latest collection whilst fans were also given an opportunity to interact with their favourite interns. 

Jockey limited edition underwear by the Interns. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips. 

Cyla, Boitumelo, Denver, Samuel, Kuena, Keletso and Wilhelmina Jockey underwear limited edition is an exciting sexy collection.

Since the end of the season, most interns took a break but are now back at it, working towards building their brands. 

“I took a break first, because the whole competition was quite hectic. But I’m making clothes for clients, I’m busy with a wedding dress currently, doing interviews for collabos whilst trying to take it easy. I’m quite surprised that the underwear is out already, I didn’t think it would happen so fast. It really is amazing and it feels good to know that people like it”, said Cyla. 

Denver, Boitumelo, Tlale, Keletso, Cyla and Samuel. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips. 

Denver on the other side is set to launch his brand next year, specialising on men’s wear only. 

“I’ve been working on new designs, I’m planning on launching my label next year, focusing on men’s wear. I’ve been designing and making samples for myself as a way of testing the market, what clients want and what they’re interested in”, Denver said. 

Jockey limited edition bras. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips. 

The Jockey limited edition is now available at Jockey stores.