Arriving to the "Ghostbusters" Los Angeles Premiere held at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Pictured: Leslie Jones

'Ghostbusters' actress Leslie Jones has lost 18kg after upping her exercise regime and cutting out sugary treats from her diet.

The 'Ghostbusters' actress has shed some weight after her doctor advised her to lose the amount, and she has managed to do so by upping her exercise regime and cutting out sugary and calorific treats.

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She said: "The first thing is for your doctor to tell you that you need to lose 18kg

"I got rid of soda and juice, that was the first thing I did. That literally was 9kg. right there."

The 48-year-old star admitted she found it tough to lose weight because she has a sweet tooth, but credited her 'Ghostbusters' co-star Kate McKinnon for inspiring her to do more exercise when they were on set together.

Speaking on 'Live With Kelly', she added: "Every time we went to dinner she would make me walk to dinner, we would walk after dinner.

"And then it just started becoming - I would work out, I would do yoga, I really tried to watch what I eat. It's not always easy because I do have a sweet tooth that's a killer. But I do they best that I can."


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Leslie was hit with horrific online abuse after portraying Patty Tolan in the supernatural comedy movie which resulted in her having a break from Twitter.

What's more, her personal website,, was recently taken down after she was hacked.

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During the attack, naked pictures were uploaded to the site and her personal information was shared on the webpage.

The hacker also uploaded a video in tribute to gorilla Harambe and positioned it at the top of the website.

The FBI have since been called on to track down the perpetrators.