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Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t always ready for sex...

20 things we all need to know about sex

In the 21st century we are still not dealing with sex in a natural, no nonsense way and because we don’t, every single one of us has a preconception and may even be scared.

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How oral sex measures level of affection

It’s no secret that in every couple one person is more in love than the other, and a revealing new study has exposed a barometer to measure the level of affection. 

Performing oral sex has long been a sign of intimacy and trust between lovers. Picture: Pexels

Why do people in good relationships cheat?

Why do people cheat, and how do couples survive infidelity and come out stronger on the other end? Esther Perel has been studying these questions and others in her work as a couples therapist, writer and podcast host.

Not all affairs, as much as we would like to think of it like that, are symptoms of troubled marriages. Picture: Pexels

How wives stop their husbands from straying

It’s a popular fear that after a few years of being Mr and Mrs, the marital bed typically becomes a place where financial woes are discussed and the desire for a night’s sleep replaces sex. 

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What is the benchmark for a happy relationship?

There are many ways to connect with your partner and have a fulfilled relationship. Educate yourself on how connecting on many levels is different to communication if you want to set realistic expectations.

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