The rules to a long lasting relationship are very similar to ones for when you first met. Respect each other.

Warning ego crushing alert: However, these are the things your adoring partner needs you to know. 

1. Even after 10 years we don’t want to kiss you when you haven’t brushed your pearly whites. Forget the movies, forget how much we love you and at least use mouthwash.

2. Pee straight. Really if you’ve lived in a house with a man or boys long enough you don't care whether they leave the toilet seat up or not. Just pee in the toilet, try not to splash and clean up afterwards if you need to.

3. Wipe your feet on the mat. Always. There’s nothing like scratchy bits of tar on laminates.

4. Don’t wait to make plans on special days. Just do it. We expect to be surprised.

5. Don’t leave the dishes on the sink, put them in. Same goes for laundry and trash. Put it in - not by - the respective basket or bin. Know too, that there is a special place in hell reserved for husbands who wait for their wives to take out the trash.

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6. There are some things we never actually want your opinion on even if we ask. Just lie. If you land up in the dog box for saying she does indeed look kinda fat, you liked her hair before the haircut and yes that beautician totally ruined her brows - how did you manage to stay is a relationship that long anyway?

7. When your wife or partner has had a long day at work and then has to come home and cook, do laundry and deal with the kids, the last thing on her mind will be any nocturnal activities you may have planned. It's okay for her to fall asleep when (or before) the kids do. 

And if you really want to spend time with her, you do the laundry/ cook supper (and don't forget those dishes) and feed and bath the kids so she isn't so tired she falls asleep on date night. Love is a verb.