Know his shoe size. Picture: Pexels

Comedian and newly wed Eubulus Tracy has some sage advice for all the guys out there.

The right pronunciation of his name

JL [his husband] initially struggled to pronounce my name and would evade using it. Once he even called me “You bilious” - which takes on a whole new meaning!

Know his mobile number off by heart

So that you can call him when you need to be bailed out after a night out on the town.

His shoe size

Er erm So that you can ensure he looks super smart by dressing him in the latest takkies/sneakers.

His credit card digits 

To indulge in a bout of online shopping.

Know his brew (not his bru). Picture: PxHere

His mother’s date of birth 

So that you can curry favour and avoid sleeping on the couch or outside with the dogs.

Know his brew (not his bru).

Be it tea, beer, gin or wine - a way to a man’s heart is definitely through his glass.

His breath status

A little breath mint never hurt anyone. I’m certainly not kissing any more frogs!