Picture: Pixabay
Dating guru Fiona Dorse shares her tips on the best places to meet men, and they have nothing to do with Tinder. By Marchelle Abrahams

  • Everywhere and anywhere!
  • Start doing things you would not ordinarily do, like attending a jazz festival or doing voluntary work at a hospital. You might meet someone there.
  • Expand your horizons and be open to possibilities.
  • Understand that of any man who is a mover and shaker, he is rarely single.
  • We are attracted to them because they are doers.
  • Men are hunters and if they see a bored-looking woman with a friend, they are not going to approach her. But if they see two girls having fun, they would feel more inclined to walk over to them and offer to buy them a drink.
  • Don’t appear closed off and guarded.
  • Get to know him, and he will pick up if you want to get to know him further.