Image: Pixabay

Sometimes, being in a relationship seems… nice.

For one, you’ll never stand alone at a friend of a friend’s party, awkwardly sipping your drink while trying to avoid eye-contact with that guy you’ve been ghosting since your blind date. And, better still, you have someone’s hand to hold through forced family get-together's  — where you’ll undoubtedly be asked uncomfortable questions about your love-life.

Relationships definitely have their perks. But, they’re a lot of work and, let's be honest, there are a lot of things more awesome than having a boyfriend.

For instance:

  • Not having to share the remote. No one needs to know that at, precisely 7.30pm every evening, you indulge in a marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

  • Eating exactly what you want, when you want. No one is there to judge you while you make several revisits to the fridge, accidentally polishing off the entire pizza.

  • Not having to deal with another person’s family drama on top of your own. If you’re single, you’ll never have to hover around a hospital bed with a group of strangers to visit your boyfriend’s uncle who sprained his ankle getting out the shower.
  • Getting to binge watch an entire series on your own - guilt free. Watching a series with your boyfriend is great, until the latest episode of Game Of Thrones is out, and you have to put off watching it (along with the rest of the country) until they get off work.
  • Having the entire bed to yourself. Picture this: It’s a humid summer night - you’re sprawled across the entire bed with one leg under the duvet and one leg out, it’s quiet with only the humming of the refrigerator to be heard. Sounds like a dream, especially if you’ve spent most nights drowning out your SO’s snoring with a pillow.

  • Having things organised exactly the way you want them. Basically not having to make space for USN tubs in your kitchen cabinet.
  • Spending your money on the most important person in your life: you. With no extra birthday, anniversary or valentine’s day gifts to budget for, you can treat yourself to all (OK, some) of the things on your online shopping wishlist.

  • Spending time with your friends (instead of his). You don’t have to be polite and pretend to like your boyfriend’s crappy friends from high school who’ve come over to watch “The Game”.
  • Going on dates. Although the dating world can be daunting, you get to dress up, eat out somewhere nice for a change and have the excitement of potentially meeting someone new. Worst case scenario, it’s a flop, but at least you’ll have tons of stories to spill at brunch with your besties.