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There’s no rule book to follow or checklist to tick off when it comes to finding out whether the person you’re currently dating is ‘The One’. 

Some say, they knew at first sight, while others feel it all happened very gradually, until one day when they just suddenly knew.  Whatever the case, everyone loves a good love story that turns them to goo. 

Whether it was as romantic as the movies or as casual as setting a hot cup of coffee on their bedside table in the mornings, here is how these ten Redditors realised they found their soulmate:

I started picturing our future together

I can't say there was any exact moment. I guess the thing that most made it "click" in my head is that I started picturing our future together, and then all of a sudden (to me) I couldn't picture a future alone. Every wish has a small part of him in it, one way or another. And I feel so happy about that. It feels peaceful.  - mcw0027

We spent the day in the hospital

I broke my pelvis in a bike accident on my birthday. Instead of the big party she had been planning for me all week, we spent the day in the hospital. The ER's advice was basically "sucks to be you, the next few weeks are gonna hurt a lot, good luck". I almost passed out from the pain trying to get myself into the car on the way home. Cut to later that evening. I looked at her, said "Girl... I need to poop. '' Before I knew it she was helping me walk to the bathroom, taking my pants off, and ever so gently helping to lower me on the toilet so that I didn't need to put any weight on my pelvis. That was about 3 years ago, we got married last month.  - jmechy

We both reached to open the freezer

We both reached to open the freezer at the same time, and so we were like "let's open it together...1, 2, 3" and on 3, we both pushed forward so the other couldn't pull it open. Been together 8 years.  - normopathy

He put me first

Whenever he cooks, he always gives me the plate that looks better. It's a simple act but he has always shown that he puts me first. - gnadanaid

I'd never been that comfortable around someone before

So I have intense anxiety about eating in front of people I don't know, it's why I specifically avoid restaurants on first dates. With my current boyfriend, I thought the first date would only take a few hours so I wouldn't get hungry again. We ended up hanging out from about 5pm to midnight and got some very generously portioned Chinese take out halfway through. I scarfed the entire thing without a second thought until he said, in slight awe, "you ate that entire thing." I was so shocked at myself and realized I'd never been that comfortable around someone before.  - ForOnceItMightBGrand

He got sick

He got sick with meningitis three months after we had started dating. I remember sitting with him in his hospital room holding his hand wishing it was me instead.  - rgent006

A moment of in-fart-uation

She farted to make me feel better because I farted.  - Fredde1909

It was the day we moved in together

The day we moved in together. I moved all of my stuff into his place, and was unpacking some of my clothes. He walked into the bedroom with two plates of fish sticks and fries. We ate supper on the floor in front of the closet, and I remember looking at him thinking that I could eat this crappy cardboard food every day for the rest of my life as long as I'm with him. 7 months later and we're currently looking to purchase a new home together.  - Rik-

It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me

It was a Sunday evening, and I was sorta down (weekend blues). He had been playing video games, and I asked if he wanted to dance. I know he’s not a fan of dancing, but he paused his game, turned on some slow music, and danced with me in the dark. It was the sweetest, most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me/with me. He looked at me like I was his everything, and I knew in those moments that I wanted to be with him forever. - [deleted]

We had fun together

We were grocery shopping one day and I just realised that I never knew grocery shopping could be so f****** fun.  - Dat_Aus