A survey from 2017 revealed that 18 percent of streaming couples actually had a verbal argument over Netflix cheating. Picture: AP

Traditional marriage contracts stipulate that couples take care of each other "till death do us part". Now streaming service Netflix has thrown a spanner into the works with its "co-watching contract".

A survey from 2017 revealed that 18% of streaming couples actually had a verbal argument over Netflix cheating while 4% believe that Netflix cheating is worse than having an actual affair. This caused the company to intervene by posting a co-watching contract to social media.

Some of the clauses include: "I won't asleep" and "I won't talk whilst the show is on". This caused couples to post some of their own terms and conditions. The Facebook post has already attracted more than 1900 comments and 13000 shares.

Below are just some of the comments we thought worth sharing:

"I showed my husband this contract and his like he hopes I live up to this contract 😂😂😂. Looks like I break the terms me conditions! I watched an episode of stranger things without him and now I won't hear the end of it 😂😂😂" - Fatima Adams Jooma

"I just need a ‘Mums watching Netflix contract.’
1. Don’t overuse the internet
2. Don’t ask for food money or the car
3. Don’t have a BBQ and invite your friends inside to say hello
4. Don’t answer her phone and pass the phone to her.
5. Ask her what the show is about"
- Alexa Patalano

"Netflix, please add a T&C that says "I won't fall asleep while watching something we both agreed to watch after struggling to decide"? - Serene Baadjies

"Something missing, I won't use my phone while watching the show 😅" - Linda Van Rensburg

"My wife needs this....cause I kept watching without her lol" - Marc Roger Cognet