A screenshot from the MailOnline website shows the banner from Steve Frazer's two girlfriends.

London - As humiliations go, it could hardly have been more public.

And some might say Steve Frazer deserved it.

Having been seeing two women at the same time, his infidelity was discovered. And his victims took their revenge on Wednesday - by putting a banner on a bridge above a busy motorway saying: “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both your girlfriends.”

The sign, seen by thousands of morning commuters, was commissioned by Nicola Morland and Angela Illingworth, two brunettes who look strikingly similar but did not know one another until they found out about Frazer’s cheating.

They displayed the banner above the A1 in Tyne and Wear, near to the Angel of the North, Gateshead, knowing it was on his route to work.

They discovered about a month ago that he had been seeing them both at the same time. Morland had been with Frazer, 41, for a number of years and they had shared a house together in Washington, Northumberland.

It is understood they split last year - at which point Mr Frazer started a relationship with Illingworth, a 32-year-old call centre worker from nearby Gateshead. But when he and Morland rekindled their romance, he allegedly kept seeing Illingworth. It is alleged he then two-timed them for around six weeks.

Frazer, a health and safety inspector who has four children and has been married twice, was said to have had “no idea” the women were planning to expose his infidelity.

His mother, Anne Frazer, 65, said the banner was a “cruel joke”.

Morland said she had been surprised by the public response to the banner after it went viral on social media websites, adding: “We’ve proved a point and it’s hit him where it hurts. He’s definitely got the message.”

After they first met up, the women, who were said to have been very “hurt” by Frazer’s behaviour, commissioned the banner and split the cost.

It was removed an hour later by the highways agency, but not before being seen by countless commuters.

Illingworth’s mother Beatrice, from Gateshead, said her daughter had gone away, but added: “I don’t agree with the banner but admit now I find it quite funny. I think Nicola was angry it wasn’t up longer. She has had so much support from the public. Angela doesn’t regret it, I think Steven has been punished and will think twice next time before he cheats. He has hurt her badly.”

Frazer returned home on Wednesday night in a car driven by his mother, and went inside without comment. His mother said: “He’s not a mass murderer you know. He just doesn’t want to say anything.”