Screen shots of Facebook Dating, a mobile-only matchmaking service that will launch in the US.   Picture: AP
Screen shots of Facebook Dating, a mobile-only matchmaking service that will launch in the US. Picture: AP

Facebook Dating: Just another dating app we don’t need?

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Sep 16, 2019

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Ask any millennial and they might start with: “I met my husband/wife via a dating app”. Previously, the likes of Tinder was something that you’d swipe left or right in the privacy of your bedroom.

These days, many are happy to share their stories on how they met their significant other or how they cut their date short because said date was eating with their mouth open.

Yip, dating apps are the new social networks for the young and single. And that’s probably why Facebook has now debuted Facebook Dating for its US users.

According to the official statement, Facebook Dating “makes it easier to find love through what you like”. It doesn’t say much, does it? The Washington Post’s Molly Roberts manages to break it down into digestible chunks.

“The difference here is you’re not the only one who knows what you like. Facebook knows, too. It knows a lot,” she writes.

“The site collects what you click, what you view and much of the rest of what you do, so it can serve you the targeted advertisements you’re most likely to engage with.

“Now, it will also serve you the eligible singleton you’re most likely to go home with. If you disagree, you simply select ‘not interested.’”

We know what you’re thinking. What about privacy? Well, Facebook will separate your profile from your normal Facebook profile. And, it won’t add your friends to your potential dating options, unless you add them as a secret crush.

WATCH: Facebook Dating launches in US

The whole process sounds like too much effort. Why go through the whole process when you could just slip into your crush’s DMs on Instagram or Twitter? To gauge which are still the better dating apps out there, we asked a few folks for their opinions.

The biggest issue with gay Tinder

“I met a guy once on Tinder, we clicked, and we ended up meeting up, and he spent the night at my place. He then ghosted me, and when I ran into him at the club a few weeks later, he gave me the cold shoulder. Mind you, we are still mutuals on Twitter, and he regularly likes and RTs my posts.

“The biggest issue with gay Tinder is the queer community is so small you see the same guys constantly, and when you match with someone, they will generally either not send a message or reply to one.

“The Grindr streets are more engaging, and I’ve had my fair share of successful hookups. And when we see each other in the club, we greet one another and keep it moving. I’ve heard of people actually meeting their now boyfriends on Grindr, but those are the exception to the rule.” - anonymous gay fairy

A leap of faith

“My partner and I hadn’t met on a dating app, but on a dating site (badoo). It was out of character for me to try online dating, but I took a leap of faith. I didn’t follow all the safety guidelines though and once someone made contact with me and I liked them, I (sometimes too quickly) would share my number.

“Eventually, I deleted my profile after many unsuccessful chats and dates, only to get a surprise text from a guy I had shared my number with months ago. We met and hit it off immediately, and soon started dating. Now five years later, we’re living together and still growing strong.” - Nathan Adams, travel writer

A bumbling mess

“If your self-esteem can’t take the potential (and likely) hit of not getting responses after putting yourself out there, this app (Bumble) isn’t for you.” - Abigail Yonker from lifestyle blog, The Everygirl

A magical moment

“Once I was on Tinder when a match messaged me, ‘I will feed * until ur in a food coma every time.’ This sounded like an absolute dream for me - someone who very passionately loves food. Nothing happened besides that, but the moment was magical in and of itself. And if that wasn’t enough, his first name was Best.” - anonymous via

If there’s one thing a seasoned dater knows, it’s that dating apps are a game of luck and chance. As for Facebook Dating? Molly Roberts eloquently points out: “Data is the new dating. Are you interested?” Um, no thanks...

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