Groom spoils wedding day by doing the one thing he promised not to do



Published May 26, 2022


Weddings are stressful occasions for any bride. And rightly so.

From planning months in advance to the actual big day, it can cause mountains of anxiety.

One bride decided to take things in her stride, understanding that sometimes, things are out of her control. Unfortunately, the one thing she thought would go right, didn’t.

Taking to Reddit’s infamous IATA forum, Key-Hovercraft-8396 asked her fellow Redditors if she was the a****** “for being livid at my (now) husband?”

She said during the entire wedding planning process, she had been “super chilled”.

“The one thing that I told my husband I didn’t want to happen was I didn’t want him smashing cake in my face,” she said.

“I had a suspicion that he would find it funny to do it, so during the planning, I flat out told him not to do it. I don’t think it’s funny, I don’t want to mess up my make-up that took hours to apply, and I don’t want cake on my expensive wedding dress,” she said.

That’s a reasonable request, considering everything she mentioned. And, the groom promised he would behave himself when it came to the cake-cutting ceremony.

“Well, come the cake cutting time, what did he do? Smashed the cake in my face! It got on my dress, and messed up my make-up, just like I knew it would,” recounted Key-Hovercraft-8396.

She admitted that she kept things together during the rest of the reception, and even put a smile on her face.

“But afterwards, I let loose on him. I yelled at him that this was the one thing I asked him not to do, and he promised that he wouldn’t.

“He told me I was being dramatic, that it’s not a big deal, and we should just be enjoying our time as newly-weds,” she said.

Her post received more than 24K votes and 5.2K comments.

“Ah, you didn’t want a trashy wedding, and you married someone who did. I hope this works out for you,” said an online user.

Key-Hovercraft-8396 said: “That’s the thing, this was so out of character for him. He’s normally so respectful to me, and always keeps his promises to me.”

“Wedding photographers/planners always talk about how this never goes well and the couples tend to divorce fairly soon after. I don’t understand why people still do it,” said another.

Luckily, her post was upvoted with 96%, resulting in her not being the a******.