In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re looking at technology that brings us closer together. Picture: Flickr.
In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re looking at technology that brings us closer together. Picture: Flickr.

Hi-tech solace for those who are worlds apart

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Feb 6, 2020

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If your Valentine lives across the ocean, here are apps and gadgets that will make the kilometres feel like millimetres.

In celebration of Valentine’s  Day, we’re looking at technology  that brings us closer together. With  texting, video calling and social  media, we already live in such a  fast-paced, hyper-connected world. 
Advancements in tech are constantly  evolving to make communication far  more personal. 

Here are five apps and gadgets  to help long distance relationships  thrive:

Hey Bracelet

R1677 a pair from 

For those who miss their lover's touch, the Hey bracelet is the first design of its kind that simulates human touch using haptic technology to generate a gentle squeeze of a human touch. 

It uses sensors to detect when you touch your bracelet. This touch is sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone and the Hey app, which then sends the touch to the other connected phone and bracelet via the Internet. The motor then pulls part of the wristband into the casing, producing a loving squeeze.

Rabbit App
Free from the Play Store and App Store

The little things - like being able to watch your favourite show together - can sometimes be what’s missed the most when you’re doing long-distance. The Rabbit app helps you discover, share and watch content from anywhere with your friends, family and loved one. 

Missing your partner’s witty banter? Rabbit allows you to react and respond in-the-moment or when you have time through setting up group chats on the app. You can source content to watch from a variety of places including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube. 

LokLok App

Free from the Play Store, Android only

Communicate with your beloved ones right on your phone’s lock screen. Leave love notes, doodles and photos for them to see as a cute little surprise so they know you were thinking about them when they check their phones. 

The app works by replacing your Android lock screen with a shared whiteboard that is always in sync between you and whoever you are connected to. Create a group with one or more people, and whenever someone changes their lock screen it’ll be automatically updated on everyone else’s. 

Between App

Free from the Play Store and App Store

Counting down the days until you’ll be able to see your significant other again? The Between app allows you to chat, track anniversaries, share photos and video, and plan your schedules together all in one private space. 

More importantly, you’ll never have to miss another word from the person whose voice you miss most because the app provides free and clear Voice Calls so you can talk without the worry of raking up costly cell phone bills.

Friendship Lamps

R1239 from

Created as a solution to the emotion that often can’t always be expressed in an email or text message, the Friendship Lamp is a set of decorative touch lights that connect you with those you love. 

When you touch your Friendship Lamp, your loved one's lamp will light up from wherever in the world they may be, letting you know you’re being thought of. 

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