Women in the Western Cape spent the least time, only 174 minutes a day, on household maintenance, according to the Stats SA Time Use Survey.

London - Couples fight more over who cleans the house, does the cooking and washes up than anything else except money, a survey found.

Nearly two-thirds admit they argue over chores at least once a week. And one in five people know a couple who row regularly or have broken up over the issue.

Laziness about cooking, cleaning and other chores comes second only to bad personal hygiene in the list of reasons to break up with someone, the survey of more than 2,000 adults by online takeaway firm Just Eat found.

When it comes to rows the most common cause, cited by 24 percent, is money.

But second, blamed by nearly one in five (17 percent), is deciding who cooks, does the washing up and tidies things away after meals.

Record numbers of couples file for divorce in January after the strains of Christmas.

But the survey found that the most common cause of rows is more mundane.

Simon Purkis, a barrister specialising in family litigation at Pump Court Chambers, said: ‘The first weeks of the New Year typically see record numbers of individuals wanting to file for divorce.

'Conduct is often cited as the reason for separation, but a surprisingly high proportion of such complaints arise from relatively trivial domestic issues.

'Disputes over who takes on the majority of the cooking and clearing up in a household can be the final straw.

'That’s rather than weightier issues such as fidelity which you might expect.'

Women care more than men about how much their partner helps out with chores - 31 percent would end a relationship if their spouse never did any.

Clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr Cecilia d’Felice says couples should try to avoid dramas at the kitchen sink.

Dr d’Felice said: 'Agree when you’re going to give yourselves well deserved permission to be lazy and ditch all thoughts of cooking and cleaning.

'Take to the sofa, order in, and relax blissfully together. The extra time you’ll have will create other beneficial side effects for your relationship.

'And remember to share chores fairly when they cannot be avoided - this way your relationship will stay happily harmonious.' - Daily Mail