Every girl dreams about how they'll be proposed to one day. Picture: Piqsels
Every girl dreams about how they'll be proposed to one day. Picture: Piqsels

How these women ruined their surprise marriage proposals

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Dec 26, 2019

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Marriage proposals aren’t always champagne and roses as these women who ruined their big surprise will tell you.

Picture: Piqsels

Every girl dreams about how their significant other will pop the question. Will it be on the beach with the words “will you marry me?” written in the sand? Or perhaps at the restaurant where you had your first date? Preferably during dessert with a molten lava cake, strawberries and a glistening diamond ring resting on top.

Unfortunately, with all the planning and secretiveness that goes on behind the scenes, a lot of clues are often left behind. Text messages, receipts, velvet boxes hidden in sock drawers and nerves paired with very concerned partners can be a recipe for disaster as it was for these women. 

From sleuthing through their partner’s belongings to being a little too inquisitive, here’s how these three women spoiled their surprise proposals:

He was acting really weird

We both pulled into the driveway at the same time one night (he acted SO weird the whole day). So I went up to his truck and he was shoving a jewelry bag into his coat. So of course I asked what it was, he said a gift for his mom (terrible lie, he never gets his mom random gifts). So we went inside and I was sort of upset about him hiding something from me. So I decided to put on my pjs and get in bed. A few minutes later, he came in and knelt beside the bed and asked me to marry him. He planned to do it 3 days later, on the beach, during a full moon. SO cute, and I ruined it. But he still loves me - realtorbeenj

I put two and two together

I actually knew the proposal was coming the day he proposed…it was Halloween, my favorite holiday; he had been acting shady all week running all these “errands”, and one night I received a text from my mom asking why my Fiance had texted her to ask her if she was free for a visit (he NEVER goes by there without me, turns out he was going to ask for her blessing), etc…. I had put two and two together, but despite knowing it was coming, and despite having seen and picked out my own ring, I still cried like a baby and it was still the most magical moment of my life to date. - mrsMAC77

I started a fight

My husband had planned a wonderful proposal - champagne and roses as we watched the sun came up over the ocean. Two days beforehand, I arguably "ruined" the proposal by starting a huge fight about what I perceived to be his fear of commitment ( to be fair, as soon as he bought the ring he had started acting really weird for reasons unbeknownst to me). He ended up proposing DURING one of our biggest fights, in our apartment.

And you know what? It was beautiful, honest, and romantic, and neither of us would have it any other way. It honored the fact that life isn't perfect, and that things don't always go as planned, and that we love each other and want to be together anyway. Six years later, I can say that while there are fleeting moments of "perfection," marriage is much more about loving each other despite the many difficult, imperfect times. Or, more accurately, loving each other BECAUSE of these times. - Exner2

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