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Despite what may have happened that led to the break-up, you still respect yourself, each other and what the relationship was. Respect is the foundation for love and trust and is the foundation for a healthy relationship. Getting back together should be in both of your best interests, and not to boost your ego or prove a point.

You’ve taken the time during your break-up to seek answers to what you need in your life and you’ve given your ex the space to do the same. Ask yourself the question: “If I wasn’t worried about being alone, what would my reason be for wanting to make this work again?”

You’ve done some reflection on your own actions and less about what your partner did wrong and are able to use those insights to do things differently this time round.

You are able to communicate in an open, honest and mature way about what you want from the relationship and each other going forward to ensure it is a success the second time round.

Rate your relationship out of 10 - one being low and 10 being high - as to:

How happy you really were in your relationship?

How did your partner make you feel?

How were your needs met and in what ways?

How much did you feel loved, supported and safe in your relationship?

What was the level of trust in your relationship?

How much quality time did you spend together in your relationship?

* Anything less than a six rating and you should definitely be asking yourself if it really is your partner and the relationship you are missing or the feeling of having someone in your space.