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London - It might not seem the most romantic way to find a partner.

But a spreadsheet programme normally used by accountants is how hypnotist Paul McKenna tracked down his fiancee.

The 52-year-oldsays he turned to Microsoft Excel after a friend pointed out that he dated lots of beautiful women but “didn’t really like them”.

He said he was encouraged to rationalise his love life by making the spreadsheet – which led him to Kate Davey, who has worked with him for 20 years as an assistant and manager of several of his companies.

“A friend advised me to make an Excel spreadsheet to find out who I really loved,” he told The Observer Magazine. “It came down to Kate – we’d worked together for many years.”

The pair revealed their feelings towards each other three years ago, and went on to become engaged.

“Thankfully she felt the same way,” the self-help guru added. “I feel I’ve learned more with her in the last three years than the rest of my life.”

Speaking previously about his relationship with Miss Davey, who is in her 40s, McKenna said the realisation that he loved her came all at once.

“I suddenly went: ‘Good God! I love Kate!’ I mean I am nuts about her.”

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