File photo: He keeps texting me and I feel like I need to just stop responding. Picture: AP

Question: I am a woman in my mid-20s thinking of "ghosting" on a three-month relationship. 

I have talked to him about how I don't think we have chemistry and that I am not at a place in my life where I am looking for a serious relationship (truth is, I'm just not feeling it with him). But he keeps texting me and I feel like I need to just stop responding. 

I don't know how much clearer I can be.

Answer: Not all three-month relationships are created equal: Were you just going on occasional dates, or were you "official" in some form? 

Either way, it sounds like you've attempted to end things already, so the only remaining piece is the final notification that you are not going to respond to his texts any more.

No, you don't need to treat him like a spammer, but you do need to be clear and firm. How about: "I feel like I haven't been as clear as I should have been, and that's not fair to you. 

I need to tell you that although I've enjoyed our time together, I'm not in a place for a relationship right now. It's best if I have a clean break for now, so please don't be hurt if I can't text you anymore. I wish you all my best." 

When you go silent after something like that, it's not ghosting.