Instead of taking it on the chin, she paid the entire amount in coins. Picture: Facebook

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For this jilted ex-wife, she took the meaning literally. 

The story went viral after a court ordered her to pay for her divorce settlement. The furious woman then paid her cheating husband’s R108 643 divorce bill in coins.

Brandi Lee, from the US, ended up filing for divorce after her husband reportedly cheated on her with a family friend, British tabloid, the Sun reported. But she was left fuming after the divorce court ordered her to pay his legal fees.

Instead of taking it on the chin, she paid the entire amount in coins. Taking to Facebook, Lee said: "So a man that I was married to, bless his heart, decided to do me the biggest favour of my life and slept with his own FRIEND’S wife," she wrote.

"The woman who attended my WEDDING and watched me hold hands and look into the eyes of the man I loved and promise him my forever all while knowing damn well they were sleeping together!"

She continued to divulge how the two were found out: "Well I busted 'em and that led us into divorce court, and for some god awful reason, I was ordered to pay HIM $7 500.

"It is what it is and now I have to pay him. Court’s order. So I’m paying him!

"The court order, and I quote says I have to pay him 'the sum of $7500'. That’s it. It does not say how."

It seems that the mother of two had a little help from her local bank after explaining to them what she wanted to do. "Those beautiful little ladies at our bank were more than happy to not only assist but to support me in my payment plan," she said.