UK reality TV star Jessica Alves. Picture: @jessicaalvesuk/Instagram
UK reality TV star Jessica Alves. Picture: @jessicaalvesuk/Instagram

Joining OnlyFans has been ’life changing’ for reality TV star Jessica Alves

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Aug 6, 2021

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Joining OnlyFans has been "life changing" for Jessica Alves.

The 37-year-old reality TV star says the X-rated subscription site has been a surprise as it has shown her how popular she is and she is hoping to find a hot date among her subscribers.

She told MailOnline: "OnlyFans has been a life-changing platform for me. I never knew that I had so many adoring male fans."

Jessica previously explained that she set up the account because she had been inundated with messages on her other social media profiles.

And the transgender star explained that the platform was helpful for those who are curious about her sex change surgery.

She said: "I've set up an OnlyFans account due to the high volume of emails and direct messages on Instagram.

"I get tons of emails and messages on a daily basis from fans around the world and I really struggle reply to each of them.

"Also a lot people to really curious about my life and some others are interested to see me without clothing.

"I was missing out on something and opened an OnlyFans account, so I can have a better one-to-one contact with those followers who love me.'

"OnlyFans is not all about nude images, but allows you to have a close contact with your fans. I can do video calls and send them the photos that they wanna see.

"A lot people are very curious to see what my body looks like, as well as I how looked prior to my sex change surgery.

"People get really impressed when they see how perfect it looks. I impress myself every day when I look at it."

And Jessica is hopeful about finding love on the site.

She said: "Now that I have lost 25 kilos I feel more confident to show my body without shame, and I'm hoping to find a hot date among my OnlyFans subscribers.'

"I have given up on finding a date on Tinder after the catfish episode followed by having my account suspended and then banned, simply because users assume that it's a fake profile."

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