If a man wants to live a long life he should marry an intelligent woman, according to scientists.


London - Lesbian couples are more likely to choose to marry than gay men, according to the first official breakdown of same-sex marriages.

The figures show there were 4 059 lesbian weddings in the first 15 months following new laws on gay marriage – compared to 3 307 among male couples.

This is despite surveys carried out by the Office for National Statistics suggesting that in the population as a whole there are twice as many gay men as lesbians.

Family lawyers said the figures point to the possibility that lesbians, like many of their heterosexual sisters, are attracted to the security and stability of marriage.

However figures on civil partnerships show that gay women are more likely than gay men to dissolve their legal ties if their relationship breaks down.

Same-sex marriage, now rapidly replacing civil partnership as the preference of gay couples, is too new for same-sex divorces to have gone through.