Tracy married Juan-Loui Venter in an intimate traditional white wedding among 40 friends and family. Picture: Shireen Louw

Comedian Eubulus Tracy is starting a new chapter in his life. Marchelle Abrahams chats to him about love, comedy, and new beginnings.

#ONELIFEONELOVE -  it’s a motto that Eubulus Tracy and husband Juan Loui Venter live by. It was also the hashtag at their recent Camps Bay wedding, an intimate ceremony attended by 40 of their closest friends and family.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment when it comes to wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. It took the former actor and comedian more than 3 years to say “I do” to his partner Juan Loui Venter, but finally the couple made it official on a sunlit Saturday afternoon with the majestic Table Mountain and the Atlantic ocean as their backdrop.

Best known for his roles in Curry On Laughing and Keeping Up With The Koopasamys, Tracy made the move to the corporate world where he exceeded in business, but also found love.

“We lived and worked in the same area in Joburg and would encounter one another. It started with little greetings and then smiling,” he shyly says when coaxed into explaining how he and Venter met. “It started out as a really good friendship, and then blossomed from there.”

And how did he know he’d found The One? Tracy laughs when recalling his lightbulb moment: “It sounds a bit morbid; I was sick and had to have an operation done. He helped nurse me back to health. His level of dedication and love was just amazing, and I knew then that this is The One.”

Now residing in Cape Town since January this year, the couple are upbeat about the future as Tracy adds that they relocated for a lifestyle change, but also to start a new business venture. He can’t stop gushing about the Mother City, saying that he’s embraced it wholeheartedly: “I love the scenery, the hiking and the natural beauty. It’s completely different from Johannesburg and Durban.”

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An entertainer by heart, Tracy took a break from the spotlight, but now his diehard fans will be happy to know that he and best friend Jailoshini Naidoo are at it again.

“I would label our material as ‘super funny with a touch of witty’. Our content centres around issues that affect society such as love relationships, nosy neighbours, tipsy spouses and wicked mothers-in-law,” he adds.

He also proudly owns a Speech & Drama and Linguistics degree, something that’s worked to his advantage over the years.

He also proudly owns a Speech & Drama and Linguistics degree, something that’s worked to his advantage over the years.

“We offer commentary on current topics, from a light-hearted perspective while giving audiences food for thought, and are constantly gathering content from our daily life experiences.”

The duo’s current project, Aunt Rumba Goes To Bollywood (based on Naidoo’s alter ego) features the amazing Leona Dean Dancers. Fans can catch them in Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Their next comedy show is destined for Joburg and Cape Town later this year.