Zoleka Mandela and her new boyfriend. Picture: @zolekamandela/Instagram
Zoleka Mandela and her new boyfriend. Picture: @zolekamandela/Instagram

Love finds a way: Zoleka Mandela changes her mind about dating Xhosa men

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Apr 22, 2021

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Nelson Mandela's granddaughter and author, Zoleka Mandela, said she would never date a Xhosa man but that has since changed since she fell in love with one now.

Mandela has been sharing her journey on finding new love after her divorce. She recently posted a picture on Instagram informing her followers she changed her mind on Xhosa men.

“Zoleka a few months back, I would never date a Xhosa man. OMG!!! I would never date a male version of myself. Never, shem!” she captioned the photo.

A few months later she is admitting to a change of mind. “Zoleka a few months later.OMG! Xhosa King (boyfriend) What have you done to me! Like, actually just date me forever. I don’t care what I said a few months ago, the devil is such a liar and you’ve changed my mind.

“You’re so full of crap like me, never one to pretend, very stubborn AF, sexually inappropriate and temperamental like I am. So self sufficient, and an a**hole like me to those that need to very quickly remove themselves from my orbit, our orbit.

“Like me, when you’re done – you’re like really done and so incredibly bossy too. You love and feel just as intensely as I do, hot and sexy AF (all the time) and are pretty much everything you think and say you are, just like me. Also, we both don’t like being told what to do, we prefer our own company and act before we think!!! There is just way too much of me that I see and feel in you, so much I still want to feel and experience with you.

“Now the world must pray for us because, like OMG!!! You and me together, together,” said Zoleka.

Her followers were quick to remind her that she should never say never, especially when it comes to love.

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