‘My ex-fiancé ghosted me a few weeks before our wedding’

Artrice was ghosted by her fiancé a few weeks before their wedding. Picture: TikTok

Artrice was ghosted by her fiancé a few weeks before their wedding. Picture: TikTok

Published Jun 15, 2023


Whether it’s an affair or you’ve simply fallen out of love, there’s always a good reason to end a relationship.

How those relationships end varies as well. For some, it’s a civilised discussion and a mutual agreement to end things while in other cases it’s a nasty WhatsApp message!

Whatever way it happens, both parties know that the relationship is over.

But when the other person simply ghosts someone, that will always leave the person wondering what went wrong.

That has got to be the cruellest way to get dumped.

TikTok user Artrice took to the video app to share the heartbreaking tale about how she got ghosted by her fiancé just a few weeks before their wedding.

In her first post, the visibly upset beautician captioned a short clip, “Last year my fiancé ghosted me a few weeks before our wedding… After flying me to Dubai to propose. I was devastated and confused. I decided to focus on my dreams as a permanent make-up artist in Dallas. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

@beautybyartrice Comment fyp if you see this on yours so that I can find my next client🙏🏾#microshading #dallas #heartbroken #permanentmakeup @lavenderlenaa #brows ♬ Pieces - Danilo Stankovic

The short video left viewers wanting to know more with one person saying: “We need a story time of how he ghosted you. Thanks for sharing your story brave lady. You’re gonna find your person.”

In her follow-up video, she goes into detail about how things played out.

She starts off by telling her followers that he had gone back home for work while she stayed and planned the wedding. She goes into detail about how they were constantly on the phone talking about how much they loved each other.

“We’re talking about how our life is going to be. How we’ve overcome so much in this relationship. How we made it to the other side,” she shares.

The couple did not live together but whenever they parted her ex-fiancé would ask her, “Do you want me to come home every day?”

To which she would respond: “Of course I want you to come to me every day!”

She adds that he would always have the biggest smile on his face when she said that.

However, the day before he left to go back home for work, he asked her the same question but with “longing in his eyes” to which she gave her standard response.

After which he tells her: “You’re such an amazing woman. I cannot wait for you to be my wife.”

However, the following day she doesn’t hear from him. After constantly calling him, days and weeks go by and she still doesn’t hear from him.

She adds that she did everything she could to contact him but he could not be reached.

@beautybyartrice Replying to @annoyingbabygirl77 I havent takked about this in quite some time my emotions get to me every time… i hope my healing journey can help someone going through a hard time 🙏🏾 #healingjourney #storytime #ghosted ♬ original sound - Artrice

Even though she suffered such terrible heartache Artrice went on and opened a successful eyebrow business and became an influencer.