Actor Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming at the premiere of the movie "Stirb Langsam - Ein Guter Tag zum Sterben" (A Good Day to Die Hard) in Berlin on February 4, 2013. Photo: REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

London - Bruce Willis does whatever his wife tells him.

The 'A Good Day To Die Hard' actor is still smitten with Emma Heming - with who he has nine-month-old daughter Mabel - and admits his spouse of almost three years is in control of their relationship.

He said: "Emma is just great. Just great. She's a great mother and she truly is very smart and very reserved and I just love her so much.

"She had a great modelling career when she was younger and you should see her in a bathing suit.

"She's the boss and she's the smartest of us both and I acquiesce to just about everything she thinks. I ask her opinion more than I ask anyone else's."

As well as Mabel, Bruce, 57, has daughters Rumer, 24, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 19, with ex-wife Demi Moore and is proud of the fact they have grown up to be "great women".

He said in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There was a time when I didn't quite know what kind of adults they were going to turn into.

"But they turned into really great women and they have great morals and great ethics and they're also kind, polite and intelligent and I couldn't be more pleased.

"We always raised them to have their own voices and to speak their minds and their opinions.

"And now that they're older I hear every opinion they have and I'm pleased with it.

Despite becoming a father to Mabel later in life, Bruce insists he doesn't feel any strain and thinks his action career has helped him keep up with the little girl.

He said: "One of the things that makes becoming a father that much easier for me is that I pretty much stay in shape and I can run and jump and play, and being a father at this point in my life is great.

"I feel like I have the same amount of love I used to have, if not more. I like getting up early and I like looking after Mabel and it's just very exciting - it makes me very happy." - Bang Showbiz