OnlyFans model didn’t know she was having ‘affair’ with her best friend’s husband

The man was texting her all night. Picture: Pexels Filipe Alves

The man was texting her all night. Picture: Pexels Filipe Alves

Published Jan 17, 2024


Having an affair with your friend’s husband is unforgivable. But what if you didn’t know who he was?

Does that still make you a bad person?

A blonde bombshell, who goes by the name Honey Brooks, took to Instagram to share how she found out that one of her OnlyFans subscribers was in fact her friend’s husband.

“I had a sub (subscriber) on my page who subbed six months ago,” said Brooks.

Before continuing her story, she explained that because the subscriber doesn’t provide an email address, uses fake names and doesn’t display a profile picture, it’s all very private when people join.

Within the first week the sub bought all her kinky content.

After buying all her content, he wanted a more personalised experience.

“I offer a ‘girlfriend experience,” Brooks explained, “but it is quite expensive.”

As part of the package, she offers priority messaging and access to “fun things every night.”

“It’s basically being your girlfriend,” she declared.

The subscriber then paid for the expensive package for three months. They exchanged steamy text messages every day for the entire duration.

But then suddenly he just went quiet.

“He disappears off the face of the earth,” she said. “I didn’t know if he had died.”

It was on the Sunday morning that she learned why the man had gone silent.

“He stopped messaging me because his wife found out,” she told her followers. “His wife is one of my best friends!”

She continued to explain that she in fact knew the man well and regularly went on dinner dates with him and their families.

She insisted she had no idea who he was during all that time she was having the “girlfriend experience” with him.

“Now I’m thinking to myself: ‘Have I unknowingly had an affair with one of my best friend’s husbands?'” she asked.

The friend has reassured Brooks by insisting that what happened was not her fault.

“I feel gutted. I feel absolutely gutted that he’s done that to her, that he’s done that to me.”

She concluded by saying that she’s away in Sydney, but when she’s back home, they will catch up over coffee.

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