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PICS: Hilarious relationship deal breakers

By SACHA VAN NIEKERK Time of article published Jul 5, 2019

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It’s Sunday brunch and your cornflake-crusted french toast with mascarpone has just arrived, along with the topic of relationships and this particular comment from one of your friends: “He/she is literally the perfect guy/girl” followed by “BUT” and a scrupulous list of petty relationship turn-offs.

It is, of course, normal to have a few ideal qualities that you look for in a partner. But, when they come with a shopping list of deal breakers - qualities that bar someone from being date-worthy, regardless of their many other marvelous traits - you may want to reevaluate your choices. 

Since social media became a thing, people have been sharing details of their personal lives online. However, the oversharing often results in quality entertainment for the rest of us.

From poor etiquette to quirky habits, the Twitterverse are sharing their relationship deal breakers and they’re hilarious:

Depending on the quote, maybe we could let this one slide?

Does #SaveThePolarBears mean nothing to you?

The stars do not align.

The only thing wrapped around your arm should be my arm.

Save the dad jokes for when you're actually married with kids.

This may be worse than putting empty cartons of milk back inside the fridge.

This weak tea does not make me weak in the knees.

This is just *cringe* ...

Finding out your new bae is actually @QueenBeystan5eva online.

The disappointment of finding out it was all for nothing...

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