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Naked cakes are trendy additions to weddings, birthday parties or any excuse to celebrate, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

Planning a wedding? How about going naked? No, not you, the cake.

We’re not talking about saying your vows in the nude but we are talking about leaving out the pasty fondant or butter cream.

Naked cakes, as they’re called, are rising in popularity and are trendy, even possibly healthy, additions to weddings or other celebrations.

The concept is turning the idea of the traditional wedding cake on it’s head and makes so much sense in relation to the way we live and where we live.

In South Africa it has appealed to brides who have selected unconventional, outdoor-type weddings in the summer.

Storm, wedding blogger and owner of Confetti Daydreams, said the trend is a firm favourite with brides planning a wedding with a natural theme - think rustic, farm or bohemian decor.

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Cake can be banting- and diet-friendly. The trick to getting it right is absolutely fresh, moist sponge. “A more recent incarnation is the semi-naked cake, covered with just a smear of white. Picture a naked wedding cake wrapped in a romantic, gauzy veil of icing - just like a bride.”

Here are the variations:

Drizzle and drip

The drip cake is a trend that has taken on a life of its own, getting better and fancier.

What started off as chocolate ganache dripping has escalated to technicoloured drips, inspired by whimsical characters and sweet shops.

Flower power

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen chose a four-tiered carrot cake, decorated with sprigs of fresh flowers, for their 2013 nuptials.

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Fruit punch

Counting calories? A naked cake layered with fresh fruit takes the guilt out of indulging in this calorific dessert. If you still feel guilty, add a few more laps in the pool at your next gym session.

Bare naked

This cake is popular when it comes to the rustic theme. Decorated with dustings of icing sugar or layered with frosting, It’s what is inside that matters.


It’s the best of both worlds - butter icing (but not too much) spread over your favourite flavour cake. Semi-naked cakes come in all flavours and shapes, from ombre to minimalist. They’re pretty to look at and even better to eat!

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