One of the top wedding photographers in South Africa, Florens is the go-to guy when shooting destination weddings. Pictures: Supplied

South Africa’s Brett Florens is on cloud nine after winning the Destination Wedding Photographer of the Year award. Marchelle Abrahams chats to him about his most memorable photoshoots.

The lensman is passionate about his craft, despite falling into his career “by a fortunate accident”.

Fluent in fashion, wedding and portrait photography, he remains grounded and makes time for regular photography workshops where he shares his tricks of the trade and wealth of experience.His work has taken him around the globe, and he’s managed to make a name for himself abroad.

And now, he has won the Destination Wedding Photographer of the year award for 2018.

In celebration of his award, we asked Florens to choose five of his best photographs and explain the meaning behind them.

Desert dreams

“This destination wedding was the first one I shot where I shot an engagement session, wedding and post wedding session, all abroad. It is one of my favourite weddings of all time.  “The image was shot during a dust storm and the temperature was around 40 degrees - (bride) Zahirah was a trooper. I like to shoot some of my images with flash, it adds a sense of drama and theatre.”

Island style

“This image speaks for itself. What a location! It was my first island beach destination wedding in Zanzibar.  

“Obviously timing was everything - Nadia and Petre had specifically picked out this sandbank and it was only accessible at low tide. The ceremony time was determined by nature - I like that.”

Ocean drama

“This image was also from Nadia’s Zanzibar wedding, What I like about it is the fact that it was shot on the day of the wedding. Nadia was really game for anything and I convinced her to stand on this dead tree in the middle of the ocean. I ended up chest deep in the water wearing only my underpants. Worth  the shot!”

Tim Burton fantasy

“This image is not my stereotypical type of image. The reason I included this image is because this couple was really quirky and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

“It was shot at a beautiful Villa in Tuscany, Italy. It was absolutely beautiful and I was challenged to shoot an images that was unexpected and unconventional, just like the client.  It was very Corpse Bride–esque. I never expected it to be a successful image. However I was very pleasantly surprised to win an award for the album.”

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