Pippa Middleton may have had her dress specially made for the occasion, while other brides are buying off the rack. Picture: AP

Couples are spending just over half the amount on weddings as they did ten years ago, according to a survey.

Weddings will cost an average of £11 411 (about R180 000) this year, compared to £20 000 in 2008.

Nearly one in five brides now find their dress at retail stories, after some launched bridal collections.

But nearly half still buy their dress from a boutique, the study commissioned by delivery firm CollectPlus showed.

An average of £1 283 is spent on a gown and £956 on shoes.

The survey of 2 000 couples getting married this year showed that £1 005 will be spent on food and drink while £893 will go on entertainment.

Couples will spend £714 on flowers and £644 on a cake.

Just over a quarter will be indulging in a spot of DIY to cut costs, by making their own invitations and organising flower arrangements. Some frugal couples – seven percent – have even asked bridesmaids to contribute towards their outfits.