After sharing a video in her Instagram stories, Rachel explained that she'd been blocked by a woman who allegedly DM'd Siya a snap of her "a**". Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi, the wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi, has a thing for throwing shade at other women who take a liking to her man.

Not one to fight behind closed doors, she has a penchant for airing her dirty laundry on social media and dragging other women. We get it - she's angry - but sometimes things are better left unsaid.

After sharing a video in her Instagram stories, she explained that she'd been blocked by a woman who allegedly DM'd Siya a snap of her "a**", and she was wondering if anyone had the woman's contact details. 

But now the story has taken another turn. A woman going by the Instagram handle @chocolateaddictcapetown posted a picture that Siya had DM'd her a picture of herself saying: "Only proof I have that he slid into my DMs cos blocked." 

Rachel may have read the whole thing wrong, and now it seems she's taken a break from social media, because in the aftermath, no one has heard from her.

Which brings us to the question: why do women always accuse the "other woman" instead of confronting their man? Case in point: Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods, DJ Zinhle and Bonang.

Relationship expert Kas Naidoo weighs in. 

"The reason women attack the other woman instead of having the discussion with her man, is that we have not been taught to have deep, open, meaningful conversations in our relationships," says the Durban-based relationship coach.

"If we learn this skill, neither partner would need to feel insecure in their relationship. We live such busy lives that most people, after finding their life partner, take that relationship for granted. 

"Relationships, however, take work if you want to create trust, mutual respect and honesty. When we can do what we say and say what we do consistently, this creates trust and both partners then feel secure. When there is an issue then, we find our automatic response is to go to our partner first.

"Women who believe we are in competition with each other over a man, will always attack the other woman. We are creators of our relationships, not just reactors."