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Real love: It's the little things that count

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Sep 7, 2019

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A wholesome Reddit thread about men and women gushing about their significant others.

From the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh to how you always pick the most thoughtful birthday presents, I’m sure you’ve wondered about the things you do that your significant other secretly adores. 

In a heart-warming Reddit thread, the question “What is something your S.O. does that you absolutely love?” was posed. This prompted people to share stories about all the little quirks and habits their partners do that they have come to appreciate and cherish. 

Eight stories about people’s significant other’s that will turn your heart to mush:

She tries to be sneaky

My SO will take candy from free candy jars at offices or businesses. The thing is she tries to do it all sneakily like she might get caught. As we are walking out of the building, she turns to me grinning and laughing with a handful of candy looking over her shoulder thinking someone is gonna catch her. It's so stupid and adorable.

- Infinider

He makes me feel beautiful

He makes me feel beautiful. I remember last summer when I had this fancy work party to attend and I bought this gorgeous dress to wear. I really loved it but when I showed it to my mum she basically told me it wasn’t the right dress “for my body”. I felt so low, I just threw the dress in the wardrobe and went to sleep. The next day I woke up to go to work and when I went to grab a shirt from the wardrobe my dress was sitting neatly on a hanger. There was a note attached to it that said “babe, don’t ever let anyone put you down. You are beautiful”. I cried. 

- iloveduscifer

Coffee and a huge smile in the mornings

She naturally wakes up a lot earlier than me, so she'll get up quietly and go make us drinks in the morning. She stays at my place on weekends, and the first thing I see is her knelt beside my bed with a cup of coffee in hand when I wake up, with a big smile. I spent 5 years with someone who wouldn't lift a finger for me before I started dating my current SO, so being cared for in such a simple way is one of the best feelings in the world. 

- KingS1X

She does this little mischievous grin

Does this little mischievous grin when she thinks she's being clever or sassy. There's literally a twinkle in her eyes and it just slays me every time. 

- OffBrandToothpaste

She smiles with her entire face

My wife smiles with her entire face when she's really happy, and she gets crinkles beside her eyes. She's going to have beautiful wrinkles when we're old. 

- Ham_Kitten

We run around our apartment naked

Whenever some random dude hits her up online she lets me troll them on her phone. It's great fun. Also, do things like running around our apartment naked trying to spank each other before we take a shower.

- SirDeep

He looks like a child with a new toy

He's a big geek. When he's sharing news about cool hardware or projects his eyes get lit and he looks like a child with a new toy. I could just look at him and hear him talking about stuff he loves forever. It's so beautiful! It melts my heart every time. I love him so much!

- LnktheLurker

He holds my hand

I tend to be a side sleeper, while my husband sleeps on his stomach. We’ll usually cuddle for a bit before getting into our sleeping positions, but when we do finally turn our ways, he always keeps a hand touching me. He’ll either hold my hand (if I’m facing him) or slide his hand under my hip, so we’re always in contact as he falls asleep. He’s done this ever since the first time I slept over when we were dating and I melt a little inside every time! 

- VaBookworm

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