For Valentine’s Day write a love letter to your partner and have it posted the old-school way – sealed with a kiss and perfumed Picture:
For Valentine’s Day write a love letter to your partner and have it posted the old-school way – sealed with a kiss and perfumed Picture:

Sensational, creative and personalised ideas to reignite the spark on Valentine’s Day

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Feb 13, 2021

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Genevieve Farry

Personalise Valentine’s Day for your partner, or simply for yourself, with sensational gifts, hearty bites, lovely cocktails and kisses of comfort and creativity all around to reignite the spark

Valentine’s Day is when love is in the air, the birds are chirping, red roses are delivered, there is chocolate indulgence. But wait. Let’s stop right there.

We cannot deny such classic Valentine’s Day feelings and gestures, but we notice the trend of personalisation is evergrowing, and on the planet of love we have many sensational, creative and personalised ideas to reignite the spark.

Whether you are spoiling your loved one or taking a good measure of self-love, we are sure our fabulous ideas will send you and your partner over the moon.

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Events co-ordinator Genevieve Farry from international company Vicky Crease Catering + Events in Johannesburg suggests how you can bring love to the table on this day of romance.

Gorgeous DIY gifts and experiences

◆ Write a love letter to your partner and have it posted the old-school way – sealed with a kiss and perfumed (ladies). This is so unexpected, and who doesn’t love a surprise? For all the singles out there, write a letter to yourself, celebrating all the things you love about yourself.

◆ DIY is an increasingly growing trend. This way you know it was made from the heart with special personalised touches. DIY can range from hand-crafted bath spoils to floral arrangements in handpainted and heart-themed mason jars and my favourite – sweet treats. From home-made cupcakes with your lover’s name iced on them to heartshaped rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

◆ A romantic experience to celebrate your love can be anything from a scenic walk, the perfect picnic or watching the stars to a candle-lit dinner, which is our personal favourite way to celebrate the day of love. We will guide you with the perfect recipe for a magical evening.

Set the scene

◆ Candles are super-romantic and loads glistening are so dreamy. Add mood lighting with purple, pink or red lights to further enhance the space.

◆ For an extra touch of whimsy, make it a sensory experience with scented candles and heartwarming scents of vanilla, cinnamon and berries.

◆ Play sultry background music to create a relaxed and sensual ambiance.

Style the table

◆ Tablecloths always bring warmth, but you can keep it modern with new-style greenery runners hand-plucked from your garden (if possible), with the candles and floral accents scattered through the centre, creating a table-top secret garden.

◆ Have your partner involved in the romantic evening by inviting them to hand-craft paper base plates inscribed with personalised love messages.

Bring on the food

◆ We love a themed menu. For this Valentine’s Day, offer unexpected heart-shaped food items.

◆ Serve pizza in the shape of a heart, and as a refreshing climax, how about heartshaped watermelon garnished with fresh berries and flowers?

◆ “Paint my doughnut” is also a fun and interactive idea and simple to achieve by adding sprinkles and sauces.

◆ Cupid’s cocktails. We simply adore the idea of a Be Mine raspberry split cocktail with Be Mine sweets on top.

◆ Alternatively, get matters heated with a spicy watermelon margarita poptail, or two, with a submerged ice lolly in a stylish glass.

Spicy watermelon Margarita pop-tail recipe


2 shots of tequila ( (For a non-alcoholic version, leave out the tequila)

250ml watermelon juice

100ml soda water

2 tablespoons lime juice


Spicy Mexican flavoured salt

Jalapeño slivers for garnish

Lime wedge

Ice lolly to be submerged once the cocktail is mixed

An eco-friendly straw


1. Garnish: line the rim of the glass with the spicy Mexican flavoured salt.

2. Mix together the ingredients with the ice in a shaker.

3. Submerge the ice lolly before adding the mixed ingredients.

4. Garnish with the jalapeños slivers and the lime wedges.

5. Indulge.

6. Make another (and don’t drive).

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