Picture: Twitter screenshot
It was meant to be a fictitious event, just something for guys to take the p*ss out of when it comes to Valentine's Day. But #MensConference2019 has set Twitter and Facebook ablaze these past two days.

Believe it or not, there's even a Facebook page dedicated to the two-day conference. And in true Mzansi style, men across South Africa have heeded the call and responded with the best memes and clap-backs in response to the massive pressure put on them when it comes to that one day of the year when they are supposed to show bae some love.

Check out the most hilarious posts we've found this far.

When you're trying to catch a ride, and a break

His girlfriend's definitely not getting what she wants this year

It's all relative

Ya, well guys, you stared first

What's a conference without gifts?

Yep, we'd be nervous too knowing that someone's reading through our texts