A London woman lost her ring and turned to the internet to enlist some help to find it. Picture: Mumsnet sceenshot

When a bride-to-be lost her engagement ring, the last thing she did was panic. Instead she took to the internet and posted an SOS message on British parenting forum Mumsnet

The unnamed woman explained that she had lost the ring "somewhere near a bust stop at Archway station" in central London. Sharing her story and a photo of the ring, she wrote: "Wondering if somehow Mumsnet can work her magic to help me find it."

But then something amazing happened. According to The Daily Mail, minutes later another Mumsnet user responded, saying that she was in the area and would have a look around.

Less than thirty minutes later, the user revealed she had found the ring outside a corner shop. All along, eager online bystanders were holding their collective breathes, hoping the story would have a happy ending.

"That really does look like it," wrote one. "Can’t believe you found it."

Below are screenshots of the thread as things went down:

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