Kate Beckinsale, 45, was spotted leaving an Los Angeles bar in a chic Prince of Wales check cocoon coat, accessorised with Pete Davidson, 25. Picture: YouTube.com

London - Forget the latest Balenciaga bag or new-season Louboutins, the current must-have A-list accessory is a dishevelled chap who looks like he should be thrown in the washing machine at 60 degrees along with his clothes.

His sartorial style could most kindly be summed up as grungy. Stains are a bonus. A beard or at the very least stubble - less designer than suggestive of a razor in need of replacing - de rigueur. Tattoos - the more and the uglier the better.

Hair? Unlikely to appear in a shampoo ad and either shaved to look tough or as stringy as the guitar he no doubt plays. If he’s a toy boy, too, well that’s the jackpot.

This week Kate Beckinsale, 45, was spotted leaving an Los Angeles bar in a chic Prince of Wales check cocoon coat, accessorised with Pete Davidson, 25, the American comedian formerly engaged to singer Ariana Grande.

Tattoos? Check. Baggy T-shirt. Check. Scratchy face? Check. Roll-up lolling from mouth? Check. Two decades junior? Check.

Then there was Naomi Campbell, 48, dining with former One Direction singer Liam Payne, 25. Tattoos. Questionable beard. Double digits younger. All check.

There’s a pattern emerging. From Cameron Diaz, 46, happily wed to guitarist and vocalist Benji Madden, 39, (who seems like a lovely bloke though not quite up to the red carpet in his customary attire of lumberjack shirt and baseball cap) to Jennifer Aniston with former beau Justin Theroux, apparently there’s nothing like a bloke who gives not a hoot for looking good for the camera to send a celebrity’s heart soaring.

Beauty And The Beast syndrome? Quite the opposite. The whole point about the Beast was that as soon as Beauty gave him her heart - and a loving kiss -he transformed into the handsome prince of her dreams.

But the beauties here already have the wealth, fame and talent - as well as the looks - to get any handsome prince they want. A snappily dressed and impeccably groomed man, however, is not who they’re after.

What these stars desperately desire is to get as far away as possible from the rarefied lives they lead. And these slightly edgy, don’t-give-a-damn guys are just the ticket.

Once you make it to Hollywood, you have to abide by an unwritten code of conduct that dictates exactly how you look and what you wear. It involves rigorous workouts, endless beauty treatments, hours in make-up - both for film roles and the inevitable red-carpet awards - plus all the other tedious stuff that prevents you from being your true self.

What woman in this situation would want to hook-up with a chap who also had to play this dreary game?

The life of the A-lister may be glamorous, but it’s so conformist it must make them want to scream.

After all, most actresses, when they start out, see themselves as rebellious, quirky and less conventional than the average girl.

And while they’re on the way up, uncertain of where the next job is coming from, they still have a great deal of freedom.

But the minute the siren call of Hollywood lures them in, life changes, for better and worse. For some, it can feel like being incarcerated in a five-star prison. These dressed-down dudes are their great escape.

There’s something sexy - and slightly dangerous - about these scruffy men, whatever their trade, who appear to break every rule of propriety in the book. They provide exactly the outlet these actresses desire, but without endangering their careers. And why not?

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