Picture: Instagram screenshot, @curtiswiklund

Meet Curtis Wikland. He's a wedding photographer, who over the course of a few years, has managed to rack up over 80k followers on Instagram.

Not only is he magic behind a camera, he can sketch pictures as well. So what he's done is drawn memorable moments of his life with his wife, Jordin, and his kids, Casen and Hayden.

"I first started drawing as a little kid," Wiklund told BuzzFeed. "Then, art took a back seat to music for a good portion of my life, until I started dating a girl named Jordin. It was how I told her something that I couldn’t figure out how to say with words."

He draws whatever moves him. Sometimes, he even draws the different positions he and Jordin sleep in bed. Other times it's one of the children asking for help while in the bathroom.

"One of my favorite feelings right now." (during pre-school drop off 3 days/week)

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Wiklund draws what he calls "Us" sketches, but in 2016 the couple went through a traumatic experience when they suffered a miscarriage.

"Our first miscarriage was so unexpected that I didn’t know how to process it," he said. "When I got home, all I could think was that I wanted to draw it. It didn’t feel real until I drew us. Then I stared at the picture and wept. Yes, it was healing."

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