‘Unmarried’ star Khanya Mkangisa on whether she would try polyandry

Khanya Mkangisa as Enzo in 'Unmarried' S3. Picture: Instagram.

Khanya Mkangisa as Enzo in 'Unmarried' S3. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jul 13, 2022


Season three of 1Magic’s drama series “Unmarried” completely switched the switch, as it turned its focus to the unmarried 20-something women trying to navigate their lives in Mzansi.

The season which kept viewers, myself included, tuning in every Friday night to catch up on the lives of Enzokuhle, Constance and Rea, tackle dating, friendships, social media, and life's trick challenges.

Each of the women’s storyline touch on sexual liberation and just how tricky “mjolo” can be and explores different relationship statuses from blessers to just vibes and polyamory.


Actress Khanya Mkangisa portrays the character Enzo, who is a social media influencer who is used to trending and raking in the coins with her relationship with Mpilo(Karabo Moalusi).

Enzo ends up also falling in love with her “coffee boy”, Kgalefa (Tshepo Ramasia). She soon enters into a polyamorous relationship.


Where she leaves viewers with the important lesson is that if you are going to share the cookie jar, a shower is essential. So make time in between each partner.

Mkangisa recently spoke about her fun time portraying the fun character Enzo and whether she would date two men.

Enzo is a character that opens viewers up to the world of polyandry. While in the beginning, it seems like it’s going to work out, things get tricky?

“Enzo is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever played. I love her tenacity and how she goes after what she wants. I can really relate to her in that aspect.”

How was it playing such a fun and yet complicated character such as Enzo, and after portraying her, would you try being in a polyandry relationship?

“I would definitely be open to getting into a polyamorous relationship,” shared Khanya Mkhangisa.

The character also shows how, especially in this social media/ influencer age, that not everything that glitters is gold.

Why do you think this is an important narrative?

“Extremely important.”

“In a world where your social media standing/status is seen as your social currency and with the rise of suicides due to mental health issues showcasing REAL within the glitz and glam is extremely important.”

“Unmarried” speaks to the youth, especially young women who are navigating friendships, dating, school and just living.

Is this something that also drove you to joining the cast. If so, why?

“Definitely. The storyline is modern and reflects exactly what’s happening in society amongst the youth currently. Super relatable and fun”.