Picture: Pixabay
Big, small, traditional or non-traditional - when it comes to wedding planning, everyone has their share of opinions. 

Recently people have been using Twitter as a platform to find out other peoples'  "unpopular opinions". From pineapple actually tasting delicious on pizza, to Game Of Thrones being a complete bore, people aren't holding back when it comes to sharing their unique thoughts on certain topics.

The 'Wedding Addition' of this trend has garnered a thread of rather interesting standpoints. While some are shocking, others we can all completely support, here are Twitter users' unpopular wedding opinions:

People who aren't the bride or goom dictating wedding planning

Being exhausted isn't sexy

Having a smartphone does not a photographer make

Your wedding party should be as invested as you are

Your wedding your way


Wedding planning is important but so is making sure you're with the right person

Save on your honeymoon

Sometimes making your own traditions is the way to go