Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex. Picture: Instagram
Now that Meghan Markle is officially a member of the British royal family, Marchelle Abrahams takes a look at the archaic rules she has to abide by.

Meghan Markle has finally married her Prince Charming, and she's fulfilled almost every girl's dream. But when it comes to royalty, being a princess isn't always sunshine and roses.

The British royal family has a strict set of rules. Break them and you'll be answerable to the powers that be.

Now that Markle is officially known as the Duchess of Sussex, there are certain protocols that she has to abide by.

For instance, if she hasn't already, she has to shut down all her personal social media accounts. Believe it or not, no member of the British royal family is allowed to post anything to social media. The official announcements get made via Kensington Palace's official accounts.

Another thing no British royal is allowed to do is post selfies. Apparently royals aren't allowed to post selfies in public - it appears to make them look vain.

One of the weirdest rules on the list is " no shellfish". The answer? The risk of food poisoning and upset tummies.

Take a look at the below video for more rules that the British royal family has to abide by: